Dear Customers,
We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer-exporter of Crown wheel & Pinions and all kinds of Gears established in Konya – TURKEY.
With our 58 years of experience in the field, we are committed to the highest quality manufacturing, raw material, machining, cutting and heat treatment.
High Technology production lines cover all processes of the gear manufacturing, from centering, turning, milling, drilling, gear cutting with  both Gleason  and Oerlikon Machines -broaching, lapping and testing for perfect matching of gear sets and their absolute noiseless operation.
The hardening process of the gear sets are made by 2 sets of PLC Controlled Atmospheric Heat Treatment Furnaces which are stated in our own site.
Most of our products are exported to many countries for assembly lines and after market services and we are producing upon customers’ requests. By following the new gear technology, we are increasing our quality and capacity. We have a selected customer group in local and international markets.
As we are producing in a wide range, we are supplying for all the sectors of industry such as Agriculture (Agricultural Equipments and Tractors), Automotive (Trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Duty Equipments and High Performance Racing Cars etc.) and Machinery.
For your information, we are one of the biggest suppliers of the following companies in Turkey and abroad:

Besides the above mentioned, we are also exporting different kinds and types of crown wheel and pinions to several countries for aftermarket services.
Therefore, we hope that we could co-operate with your company on orders basis continuously.
So, please do not hesitate to contact with us for further informations and requests list of our products is enclosed for your consideration.
We hope that this small introduction will be the beginning of our good co-operation in near future.
Thank you in advance for your kind interest and hope to hear from you soon for your comments.