We are the Representative – Facilitator of  Foundation Polish Consortium for Regional Development incorporated in Suwałki, Poland under HRB 0000188065 and represented by its Secretary general, Mr. Janusz  Jan Kolodziej. FC BG/ FC/SSMTNs, rough diamonds, gold bullion, and implémentation of Technopolis Carpathy Innovation Technology Programme for Southeast Poland, 5 B EUR Total Budget till 2020.

Scop of the Representation contains;
Following worldwide trading Facilitator services.
1. Selection of qualified individual and corporate clients for entry into Tier 1 Trade Program (cash and gold bullion-SKRs, BG. MTN)
2. Selection of qualified clients/Signatories of Heritage Assets with multi-Ti Master Accounts for entry into Sovereign Redemption Program
3. Selection of qualified clients/Signatories for Infrastructure, Humanitarian and Environmental Funding Program (IHEP)
4. Selection of genuine End Buyers of Financial Debentures - FC/SS MTNs and FC BGs
5. Joint execution of large pipeline projects that matches our strategic investment goals in Central Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa
6. Deliver both Tier 1 PPP and Heritage Assets on ledger with Master Accounts transactions through our  Tier 1 Programmes Principal/Best Friend . Hard fact is following there are only 3 licensed unlimited Grand Master Traders in the world and we work with 1 of them. Sovereign Trade is on the top of PPP global industry.

Our prime actions are tier 1 platforms and ppp programmes that trade heritage funds with master accounts asia and europe or on heritage  funds with multi-t master accounts signatories transactions. Our traders based in Europe and HK secure the largest PPP transactions having the largest credit facilities on the market. Our principal is our prime partner as he is no1 in PPP worldwide with unlimited credit facility. Sovereign redemption platform with its grand master trader and sovereign trade.

5 tier 1 platforms
min. 100/500m eur/usd

Honesty is the best policy. So read below

Looking forward to develop a long term solid trading relationship beneficial not only to us but also to other people in need worldwide.